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Attention: The hybrid G17 Gen4/5 V1 slide is compatible with Gen3 and Gen4 G17 slide parts. Recoil spring assembly and barrel should be matched to the generation of frame that this slide will be matched with. For example, if you install this slide on a G17 Gen4 frame, a G17 Gen4 recoil spring assembly and barrel should be used. If you install this slide on a G17 Gen5 (or Nomad 9F) frame, then a G17 Gen5 recoil spring assembly and barrel should be used. A GEN5 STRIKER WILL NOT FUNCTION IN THIS SLIDE!

The Nomad Defense V1 slide is a premium slide designed with angles that integrate perfectly with Nomad Defense Nomad 9F pistol frame. Material removal from the front of the slide aids in reducing felt recoil and muzzle flip. Just the right amount of traction grooves in all the right places ensures that grip is never an issue, even in the most adverse conditions.

In this hybrid Gen4/5 configuration, the V1 slide will run well on both Gen4 and Gen5 G17 frames. There are slide stop lever cuts on both sides of the slide. The additional slide stop lever cut allows the slide to run on factory Glock® Gen5 G17 frames, using the factory installed ambidextrous slide stop lever.

Nomad Defense slides go through rigorous reliability testing. Pair this Nomad V1 Slide with a quality upper parts kit and a good recoil spring for market leading performance and reliability.

Standard Gen3 parts kits, such as this L2D Slide Kit, or this Rainier Arms Gen3 Slide Kit, will work in our slides. However, you will need to install the appropriate recoil spring assembly (either Gen4 or Gen5 to match the frame), such as this Nomad Defense Gen5 G17 Recoil Spring Assembly.

Key Features:

    • 17-4 Stainless Steel Construction
    • Matching Optic Cover Plate
    • RMR Cut
    • Optic Mounting Screws and Tool Included
    • Channel Liner Installed
    • Front Top and Side Serrations
    • Standard Sight Placement
    • Cerakote Coating

Model Compatibility: G17 Gen4, G17 Gen5, Nomad 9F


    • Black slide utilizes black nitride coating
    • V1 indicates slide cut pattern

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 2 in

G17 Black Nitride Gen4/5 Hybrid, G17 Grey Cerakote Gen4/5 Hybrid, G17 FDE Cerakote Gen4/5 Hybrid


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