•Some of you guessed right from the previous post. 

•Nomad Defense will be coming out with a complete trigger system ready to drop in. 

•The same attention to detail from our frames is in these as well. Better feel and ergonomics as always with keeping OEM plus in mind. 

•Shorter pretravel and over travel. As well as better finger placement and comfort with the flat face trigger shoe.
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Twinning. Couple Nomads built up for @swampfoxoptics. Nomad also sent these with a sneak peek at our new product coming soon. Can you spot it? 👀. —-no gun sales——
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FDE never misses the mark. 🎯 🎯  @sinisterdevelopments @sinister.developments
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•BOOM! And we are live on the site with the 9X two tones with matching magwell and backstraps.
•Cerakote colors for the initial launch will be FDE,ODG and Grey. 
•Once the frame is cured we finish off the frame with in house laser stippling to increase the overall grip across the main panel and thumb ledge. 
•All frames require FFL transfer.
•Thank you all for the continued support!!!
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The option to add a little flare -Cerakote- to the current offerings from Nomad. The start of the two tone with laser stippling and matching magwell and backstrap will be with the N9 and 9X ( not pictured) to follow. Base black frame with three color options- ODG,FDE AND Grey *future colors will be offered as well* SIDE NOTE MAGWELLS AND BACKSTRAPS ARE BEING SHIPPED FOR ANNO THIS WEEK.
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Little teaser coming for the start of 2024. Full details will be revealed in the coming week(s). #builtwithnomad
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And we are live! Take advantage of the new and old with the Black Friday sale. Thank you to everyone for all the support this year and past years.
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Nomad Defense was founded in 2017 by a small group of passionate firearms enthusiasts, who also have a background in toolmaking engineering and injection molding. Since 2017 many things have changed here at Nomad Defense! Our facility has evolved to include a lot of new manufacturing and inspection equipment. Our team has evolved as well. Some of our original team has moved on, but we have added new team members that are driven workers and passionate learners!


We use some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment available on the market to produce exclusive tools and processes that stand the test of time. Available technologies include wire EDM, HybridCNC/Laser 3D Printing, traditional CNC, EDM, PolyJet 3D Printing, FDM 3D printing, and CNC vision systems. These advanced technologies, in conjunction with modern CAD/CAM software, allows us to bring ideas to reality. We execute much of our toolmaking, manufacturing, and manufacturing process design in-house, allowing our team to adapt to challenges on the fly. This is particularly true for our injection molded products. When we feel the lack of skills required to effectively implement a new manufacturing process, we pair with our industry partners and master those processes.


We encourage our team to always approach every problem and every new process with an open mind. At Nomad Defense, life-long learning is probably the value that we emphasize more than any other. We believe that we should never convince ourselves that we have everything figured out. This is where complacency sets in, and mistakes are made. We are continually pushing to develop newer, more consistent and efficient manufacturing processes, never forgetting that ultimately human hands and minds guarantee the highest quality.


Nomad Defense was founded with the intention of bringing innovative, practical solutions to the handgun market. When we set out to start Nomad Defense in 2017, there was no shortage of offerings in the handgun market. However, we did see a particular shortage of what we were looking for. We wanted to see more modernized and refined Glock® platform offerings. Few people will argue against the efficacy and brilliant simplicity of Glock® pistol engineering. However, out of personal preference and maybe just a bit of vanity, we wanted to create a Glock® inspired pistol. We believed it would have a broad market appeal thanks to its refined ergonomics and clean visual presentation. Additionally, we believe that well-designed handguns are the most practical means of self-defense for most people who choose to use a firearm as a self-defense option.


If a particular tool or manufacturing process is not working as intended, the consumer-end product will suffer. Our team takes the time to make sure that our processes are tuned to near perfection. What does this mean for you, the customer? Simply put, our customers can be sure they are buying the best version of the product we can possibly put out.



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