Will the Nomad 9 fit standard Glock holsters?

While we haven’t tested every holster option on the market, the short answer is no. This is because we added the forward thumb ledges – a feature competitive shooters use on their race guns to control recoil. We also redesigned the trigger guard, moving it higher up so it no longer interferes with a high grip. We also enlarged the trigger guard opening so your gloves don’t rub on the trigger guard. Restricting ourselves to just what would fit in existing holsters, would work with existing magwell flares, etc. would’ve put a big damper on creativity and defeated the overall purpose of what we were trying to accomplish when we set out to design the Nomad 9. We are working with several quality holster makers to make sure you have holster options as soon as possible!

Will the Nomad 9 be offered as an 80% build option?

We are committed to only delivering the highest quality, most precise, and safest firearm – something we would depend on with our own life. Doing this demands we take as much control over the manufacturing process as possible and that’s why be believe offering an 80% frame is not an option at this point.

Will Nomad Defense be releasing any other frame options?

Yes! We will continue to develop new products in line with the same design principles and philosophy we used to develop the Nomad 9. Check our progress regularly on social media (@nomaddefense), or subscribe to our email notification list to get the latest updates.

Will the Nomad 9 work with calibers other than 9mm?

While a G23 or G32 slide will fit the Nomad 9, we are recommending that you assemble and fire the Nomad 9 using only G19 (9mm) components. The Nomad 9 utilizes a different polymer blend than a factory Glock. Until we can complete our high round count and hard use testing with alternative calibers, we cannot certify the reliability of the Nomad 9 in conjunction with any components other than G19 Gen4.

Can I run a Gen1-3 G19 slide using a Gen4 adapter?

We recommend you stay away from the slide adapter systems and instead run dedicated Gen4 slides and recoil spring assemblies. Gen3 recoil spring assemblies are not only different in terms of spring construction, but also dimensionally. Gen4 recoil spring assemblies have a larger outer diameter than Gen3 recoil spring assemblies. As such, the Gen4 frame design has a larger spring interface than that of the Gen3 frames. This larger interface allows unnecessary movement of the recoil spring assembly when running a Gen3 spring assembly in a Gen4 frame. There may be alternative recoil spring systems that reconcile the difference between Gen3 and Gen4 recoil springs, but we are not aware of such systems. In our limited testing, we have noticed that the Gen3 adapter systems are less reliable than a standard Gen4 slide setup.

Can I run a Gen5 G19 slide on the Nomad 9?

differences between the Gen5 and Gen4 slides – firing pin safety, slide cover plate, and trigger bar interface to name a few. Until we can do the proper testing we won’t certify the safe use and implementation of Gen5 G19 slides on the Nomad 9 frame.

When will the Nomad 9 be available in colors other than black?

As soon as we can test and verify the reliability of color options other than black! Color additives have an effect on the mechanical properties of polymer. Once we can verify the physical integrity of colors other than black, we will make an announcement!

How can I get more information about the Nomad 9?

Always feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns! The contact form on our website is the best way to get in touch with us. We take the time to respond to every email we get.