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    MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE POLICY (MAP)  The following is NOMAD DEFENSE COMPANY INC.’s policy regarding the advertising and pricing of NOMAD DEFENSE COMPANY INC. products.  ALL retail prices listed in the NOMAD DEFENSE COMPANY INC. online store ( are the current MAP prices.

    1. Purpose. NOMAD DEFENSE COMPANY INC.’s goal in enacting this policy is to avoid depreciation of its products.
    2. Minimum Advertised Pricing. A dealer or retailer may advertise any price it chooses if the price is not less than the required MAP assigned by NOMAD DEFENSE COMPANY INC. to its specific products.
    3. Advertising. For the purposes of this policy, the term “advertising” shall include any listing, description, or graphic display of NOMAD DEFENSE COMPANY INC. products accessible to consumers directly, including, but not limited to, print media, television, radio, and the Internet. Advertising shall not include an individualized price quotation spoken in person, over telephone, sent via email, or private message to a consumer at the consumer’s request.
    4. Violations of Policy. It is NOMAD DEFENSE COMPANY INC.’s intention to administer policy through the following process:  a) First Violation: written email reminder of MAP policy.  b) Second Violation: warning accompanied by a termination deadline if there is a failure to comply.  c) Third Violation: termination of further business relations.
    5. Changes in MAP and Products. NOMAD DEFENSE COMPANY INC.’s MAP Policy may be changed or updated at any time. NOMAD DEFENSE COMPANY INC. is responsible for notifying its customers within 30 days of any changes to its MAP Policy.
    6. Inventory Reduction and Clearance. NOMAD DEFENSE COMPANY INC. may exempt certain designated items from this policy for the purpose of inventory reduction and closeouts. NOMAD DEFENSE COMPANY INC. has the exclusive authority to resolve all disputes, conflicts, controversies, or questions in relation to this Policy.