Lower Parts Kit for G19 Gen4/5 Pistols, no Trigger, Nomad Defense


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This is the exact same kit as our standard Nomad Defense lower parts kit (LPK), minus the trigger bar/shoe assembly.

Nomad Defense lower parts kit (LPK) is a complete kit that will allow you to build out your Nomad Defense stripped pistol lower. This kit gets a hybrid designation, as it is designed to be cross-generational between Gen4 and Gen5 G19 pistols. Additionally, this kit will function reliably in G17 Gen5 pistols.

This kit includes a multi-gen trigger housing capable of running in Gen3-5 frames. The unique Nomad Defense trigger housing included in this kit is even capable of running a full Gen5 G19 or G17 trigger system, if you should choose to do so!

Special attention was paid to create and OEM “Plus” quality kit that will perform consistently, safely and reliably. The trigger in this kit will feel similar to a Glock® OEM pistol

While this kit will run well with Nomad Defense Frames, the kit is also designed to run reliably in factory Glock® pistols.

Key Features:

    • 17-4 stainless steel locking block with QPQ Nitride Coating
    • Multi-gen trigger housing (Gen3-5)
    • Gen4 style ejector bar for maximum reliability and consistent ejection pattern
    • Extended slide stop lever
    • Extended slide lock
    • Enhanced magazine catch -deeper traction grooves and contoured for Nomad Defense frames

Model Compatibility: Nomad 9, Nomad 9F, Glock® G19 (Gen4-5), Glock® G17 (Gen5)


    • Two slide lock springs are included –one flat spring for use in Gen4 style frames, and one compression spring for use in Gen5 style frames
    • While the multi-gen trigger housing can be adapted to work in Gen3 frames, this kit is not sold as a Gen3 compatible kit due to the absence of a Gen3 style magazine catch

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